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3 Important Steps when installing Pyrotex Firesleeve HLC

Pyrotex HLC Firesleeve provides the time-tested value of standard, seamless Pyrotex SG Firesleeve in an easy-to-install  sleeve solution which can be installed without the need to disconnect existing lines. Pyrotex HLC is fabricated from either Pyrotex Industrial Knit or Pyrotex Aerospace-grade Braid Firesleeve, expertly stitched with a high-temperature industrial Hook & Loop Closure system. Pyrotex HLC

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Thermal Protection: Pyrotex or Pyrotherm?

WHICH PRODUCT IS BEST FOR YOUR APPLICATION?  Thermal hazards manifest themselves in many different forms- molten splash, direct flame, high ambient temperature, high surface temperatures, and radiant heat sources- to name a few. Atlantex Manufacturing offers a variety of thermal protective products to suit your individual application and protection needs. To protect lines from molten

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Hydraulic Hose Safety: Line Identification

The importance of hydraulic hose safety in industrial settings is extremely critical. We strive to increase personnel protection levels in our industry, and as a manufacturer we understand how important safety is. When we send each customer a product of ours, we make sure that it will work to its full potential under hazardous conditions such as

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