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Pyrotherm (HW) Heavy Wall - Atlantex Manufacturing Corp.

9 Advantages of Fiberglass Textile Fibers

9 Advantages of Fiberglass Textile Fibers 1. Superior Physical Properties Fiberglass textile fibers have a high strength-to-weight (mass) ratio. On a pound for pound (kilogram to kilogram) basis, Fiberglass yarns are twice as strong as steel wire. 2. High Heat Resistance Inorganic Fiberglass fibers will not burn or smoulder. They perform well in applications where

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KevTex B Kevlar®

What You Didn’t Know about Kevlar ®

By braiding Kevlar ® into a braided protective sleeve, Atlantex is able to offer a thermally-stable, lightweight, flexible, and expandable sleeve with excellent mechanical properties- tensile strength, modulus, etc. Atlantex’s Para-Tex Kevlar® protective sleeving combines the time-tested physical strength of genuine Kevlar® fibers with our technical textile production expertise to create the ultimate in cut-resistant

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