Nylon Sleeving


Environments where system protection is your number one concern, Atlantex Manufacturing abrasion products are designed to provide long-wearing abrasion protection for hoses, lines, cables, and wires.



Regarded as offering among the best textile-based abrasion protection in the industry, along with exceptional resistances to chemicals, UV-impingement, and weathering – Nylon 6 has become a coveted and commonplace material in the industrial, equipment, mining, agriculture, forestry, and transportation sectors. Atlantex’s brightly-colored Tufftex B Braided Nylon Abrasion Sleeve provides excellent wear and abrasion protection with high visibility and great colorfastness. Tufftex B’s braided construction provides 100% coverage in a lightweight, flexible, and slightly expandable protective sleeve. The obvious purpose for choosing an abrasion sleeve is to shield hydraulic hoses, wires, and cables from damage, protect operators and personnel, and increase the service life of hose and assemblies. Black Nylon sleeving will achieve these goals easily and dependably – but Tufftex B offers you more. By utilizing solution-dyed Nylon in the manufacture of Tufftex B, a black hose will be highly visible beneath a colored abrasion sleeve – providing simultaneous line identification, visibility, and wear indication solution. Read More


Tufftex Woven Abrasion Sleeve is designed to provide long-wearing abrasion protection for hoses, cables and wires. Manufactured from high tenacity multi-filament Nylon yarn and woven into a flexible tubular sleeving, Tufftex W provides complete system coverage and reliable protection. The woven construction provides for an easy means to protect, bundle and manage critical lines in various applications. Nylon 6 fibers provide UV protection and great resistance to common industrial and vehicular fluids. Maintain operation uptime, reduce expenditures due to hose damage, and prevent premature hose wear by sleeving with Tufftex W. Atlantex’s custom printing capabilities allow for Tufftex W to be printed with brand information (logo, contact information) or system identifiers (hose size, pressure). Read more


Our mission at Atlantex is to continually develop high-quality products that can preserve the life of any hose assembly. However, we also want to preserve the well-being of your most valuable asset- employees.  We have achieved both of these goals with the introduction of CAUTION SLEEVE, a striped high-visibility and long-wearing protective sleeve designed to increase awareness of potential personnel hazards caused by air hoses, extension cords, welding cables, and overhead wires that are present in many workplaces.  Show our CAUTION SLEEVE to your safety officer and hear their sigh of relief. Manufactured with durable, wear-resistant Nylon 6 fibers, CAUTION SLEEVE not only protects employees, but also extends the service life of critical lines around the shop. Nylon’s wear-resistant properties are known industry-wide and the material has proven itself in many hazardous environments. CAUTION SLEEVE is a lightweight, flexible, and expandable protective sleeve that provides resistance to common industrial chemicals and solvents, UV impingement, and mechanical wear.  The Atlantex Tufftex B abrasion sleeving  also provides a recognizable striped pattern and high-visibility to help you identify potential areas of wear long before a hose failure. Read More

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