Do you have a custom project & need a solution fast? Atlantex can Help.

As a full-service manufacturer of systems protection solutions, Atlantex is ready to design, fabricate, and help implement customized solutions to suit virtually any application. By leveraging our knowledge of materials and processes, Atlantex has the capacity and know-how to turn your problems into solutions. Our portfolio of custom work is expansive and our reputation for product quality and service are known throughout the industry, so Atlantex invites you to challenge us with your more demanding and nonstandard systems protection needs.

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We encourage our customers to submit reviews and feedback so that we can continue to deliver the highest quality standard or custom solution for your demanding application. Click here to see what our customers are saying today!

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Para-Tex Kevlar® Products

Para-Tex Kevlar® is manufactured with 100% genuine Kevlar® aramid fibers to offer extremely high tensile strength, high modulus, and toughness which has been proven in some of the most demanding applications.

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Pyrotex ZIP - Zipper Firesleeve

Pyrotex ZIP Firesleeve provides the time-tested value of standard, seamless Pyrotex SG Firesleeve in an easy-to-install sleeve solution which can be installed without the need to disconnect existing lines. Contact Atlantex for a sample!

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Hydraulic Hose Safety: Line Identification

The importance of hydraulic hose safety in industrial settings is extremely critical. We strive to increase personnel protection levels in our industry, and as a manufacturer we understand how important safety is. When we send each customer a product of ours, we make sure that it will work to its full potential under hazardous conditions such as

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Pyrotherm (HW) Heavy Wall - Atlantex Manufacturing Corp.

9 Advantages of Fiberglass Textile Fibers

9 Advantages of Fiberglass Textile Fibers 1. Superior Physical Properties Fiberglass textile fibers have a high strength-to-weight (mass) ratio. On a pound for pound (kilogram to kilogram) basis, Fiberglass yarns are twice as strong as steel wire. 2. High Heat Resistance Inorganic Fiberglass fibers will not burn or smoulder. They perform well in applications where

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KevTex B Kevlar®

What You Didn’t Know about Kevlar ®

By braiding Kevlar ® into a braided protective sleeve, Atlantex is able to offer a thermally-stable, lightweight, flexible, and expandable sleeve with excellent mechanical properties- tensile strength, modulus, etc. Atlantex’s Para-Tex Kevlar® protective sleeving combines the time-tested physical strength of genuine Kevlar® fibers with our technical textile production expertise to create the ultimate in cut-resistant

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