Tufftex Braided Abrasion Sleeve

Nylon Protective Hose Sleeve - Green - Braided - Atlantex Manufacturing Corp.

Braided Abrasion Sleeve – Product Overview

Regarded as offering among the best textile-based abrasion protection in the industry, along with exceptional resistances to chemicals, UV-impingement, and weathering – Nylon 6 has become a coveted and commonplace material in the industrial, equipment, mining, agriculture, forestry, and transportation sectors. Atlantex’s brightly-colored Tufftex B Braided Nylon Abrasion Sleeve provides excellent wear and abrasion protection with high visibility and great colorfastness. Tufftex B’s braided construction provides 100% coverage in a lightweight, flexible, and slightly expandable protective sleeve.

The obvious purpose for choosing an abrasion sleeve is to shield hydraulic hoses, wires, and cables from damage, protect operators and personnel, and increase the service life of hose and assemblies. Black Nylon sleeving will achieve these goals easily and dependably – but Tufftex B offers you more. By utilizing solution-dyed Nylon in the manufacture of Tufftex B, a black hose will be highly visible beneath a colored abrasion sleeve – providing simultaneous line identification, visibility, and wear indication solution.


Tufftex B Datasheet


High-visibility sleeving. Colors available: Safety Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green


Safety Orange (-15) Braided Nylon - Tufftex B


Yellow (-50) Braided Nylon w/ printing


Blue (-60) Braided Nylon - Tufftex B


Red Braided Nylon (-70)


Green (-80) Tufftex B with Yellow Tracer Line pattern

Working Temperature
° F ° C
Upper Limit: 250 120
Material Composition Added Value
Solution-dyed Nylon 6 High-visibility systems protection
Tightly braided protective sleeve Wear indication & line identification
Various colors available Expandable to install over fittings
Excellent abrasion and wear protection Increase uptime and efficiency
Brightly colored Nylon 6 braided abrasion sleeving developed to address industry’s need for colored abrasion sleeving
Bold coloring provides for line identification, visibility, and wear indication
Braided construction provides 100% system protection and is expandable, allowing for installation over hose assemblies with fittings
Provides excellent wear and abrasion protection and is resistant to UV light, common industrial fluids, and environmental exposure
Available in Safety Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, and many other colors upon request
Available in diameters from 1/2″ (13mm) to 3-1/2″ (89mm)
Supplied in 100 ft. & 300 ft. lengths standard
Bulk lengths available for scrap reduction
Available Colors: Replace “-##” in part number with:
-15 Safety Orange
-50 Yellow
-60 Blue
-70 Red
-80 Green
Tufftex B – Part Numbers
Sleeve ID* Size Part Number
1/2″ -08 TFB08200- ##
3/4″ -12 TFB12200- ##
1″ -16 TFB16200- ##
1-1/4″ -20 TFB20200- ##
1-1/2″ -24 TFB24200- ##
1-3/4″ -28 TFB28200- ##
2″ -32 TFB32200- ##
2-1/2″ -40 TFB40200- ##
3″ -48 TFB48200- ##
3-1/2″ -56 TFB56200- ##
*Nominal ID – Not Lay flat.

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AMC certifies that all of our products designated as RoHS Compliant conform to the requirements of EC Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS).

Pyrotex Aerospace-grade Braided Firesleeve is a UL-Recognized Component, and is among the world’s first firesleeves to achieve UL recognition, per UL Standard 1441.

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