Atlantex strives to provide innovative solutions for the industry’s most demanding applications through our Custom Fabrication department. We employ an in-house engineering team with over 50 years of expertise in the manufacture and coating of braided, knitted, and woven textile products. Atlantex’s dedicated customer service and sales team are ready to help tackle even the most difficult challenges. To ensure that our products are able to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of our customers, Atlantex products have been tested by independent quality organizations and textile research universities.

As a full-service manufacturer of systems protection solutions, Atlantex is ready to design, fabricate, and help implement customized solutions to suit virtually any application. By leveraging our knowledge of materials and processes, Atlantex has the capacity and know-how to turn your problems into solutions.

Our portfolio of custom work (please see some examples below) is expansive and our reputation for product quality and service are known throughout the industry, so Atlantex invites you to challenge us with your more demanding and nonstandard systems protection needs.

Atlantex has worked hand-in-hand with Fortune 500® companies to develop and manufacture purpose-built solutions with customer success and process efficiency as top priority.  Whether your project requires complete product design, or manufacturing to your exact specifications, the friendly and skilled team at Atlantex Manufacturing will help to ensure the success of your project. Atlantex has been trusted to develop solutions for critical applications in the automotive, defense, public transportation, power generation, heavy equipment, and primary metals industries.

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