The main difference between the Aerospace-grade and Industrial grade Pyrotex is the construction of the fiberglass layer and the amount of fiberglass used in the layer. See the differences and similarities below.


  • Utilizes more fiberglass in substrate and more silicone in coating
  • Braided E-Glass substrate offers 100% glass coverage
  • Largest size range available (1/4” to 6” ID)
  • Increased insulation performance
    • Maintain internal temperature for heated lines
    • Protects cool lines from external heat & damage
  • Premium firesleeve carries third-party certifications
    • UL 1441 with VW-1 Flame Rating
    • AS1072 compliant for AS1055 assemblies
  • Best suited for the following applications:
    • High ambient heat, heated lines, personnel protection
    • Automotive and transportation applications
    • Heated or heat-traced lines
    • Marine, aviation, construction, and defense equipment


  • All-purpose firesleeve suitable for use in many applications and environments
  • Longest continuous lengths for scrap reduction
  • Best pricing for silicone-coated sleeving
  • Lighter-weight than braided firesleeve = reduced finished weight of assembly
  • Best suited for the following applications:
    • General industrial hose/line protection
    • Mill & Foundry applications
    • Welding applications
    • MRO applications
    • High ambient heat & molten splash


  • Same temperature rating (minimum and maximum) for both glass substrate and polymer coating
  • Same self-extinguishing and molten-splash resistant coating
  • Available in RIO, Aluminized, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green
  • Materials comply with REACh, RoHS, and Conflict Minerals requirements
  • Can be fabricated with Velcro®, Zippers, or Snap closures
  • Resistant to high temperature, common industrial/automotive fluids, and UV/weathering
  • Can be terminated with SA Tape or Pyrotex End Dip
  • Excellent flexibility across size and temperature range
  • Elasticity allows sleeving to be stretched over fittings or irregular profiles
  • Can be custom-printed for brand recognition or system identification
  • Create refractory crust upon flame impingement to self-extinguish and minimize thermal transfer
  • Substrate and silicone polymer developed and produced in-house directly by Atlantex
  • Stocked product for fast turnaround / order fulfillment
  • Bulk lengths, cut pieces, shop spools, and custom packaging available
  • Atlantex produces both in-house and operates ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

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