Yellow Jacket Sleeving


Yellow Jacket provides unmatched levels of cut-through and abrasion protection for a wide range of systems facing mechanical hazards. By combining the outstanding physical strength of genuine ballistic-grade Kevlar® and the low coefficient of friction offered by Nylon 6, Yellow Jacket is an extremely durable and long-wearing protective sheath for critical lines in many hazardous environments.

Yellow Jacket is resistant to water, oils, solvents, and other fluids commonly found in industrial, automotive, and equipment applications. The distinctive look of Yellow Jacket makes assemblies stand out, promotes awareness of a potentially hazardous line, and the natural yellow color of Kevlar® provides simple wear through indication for industrial and hydraulic hoses, wires, and cables. Sleeve with Yellow Jacket to protect components.

Added Value:

  • Extremely cut-through and abrasion resistant
  • Highly visible contrasting colors
  • Expandable to fit multiple OD’s
  • Increase up time & efficiency

Material Composition:

  • High-performance fiber blend
  • Ballistic-grade Kevlar®
  • Solution-dyed Nylon 6
  • Braided construction for 100% coverage

Versatile Protection:

  • Cut-through protection
  • Abrasion and wear resistance
  • Lightweight & flexible sleeving
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • High tensile strength, low friction


  • Protect critical systems from premature wear and increase up time
  • Bold design for operator awareness and line identification
  • Protect single lines or bundle multiple lines
  • Mining, defense, cryogenic, equipment, electrical, industrial, automotive applications
  • Sleeving contrasts with hose surface for simple wear indication


  • Solutions-based blend of top quality technical fibers for reliable performance in critical applications
  • Provides superior cut-through and abrasion protection for many systems in aggressive environments
  • Combines the strength of Kevlar® with the low friction of Nylon for unmatched mechanical protection
  • Braided construction provides 100% system coverage and allows the sleeving to expand slightly for installation over fittings or various line diameters
  • Bold, unique design promotes operator awareness and line identification, and provides simple wear-through and leak indication

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