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New Product: Pyrotex End Dip

High Temperature Silicone Coating – Product Overview

Pyrotex End Dip is a fast curing silicone coating which is primarily used to seal the ends of Pyrotex Firesleeve in order to prevent fluid wicking, contamination, and fraying of cut ends. The excellent adhesion and fast cure time make Pyrotex End Dip easy to process in small and large-scale operations, using both manual application and automated dispensing tools.

Pyrotex End Dip fully and quickly cures at room temperature with no need to heat, and dipped pieces can be handled in as little as one hour. Increasing temperature or humidity levels will accelerate cure time. Cured Pyrotex End Dip creates a durable yet flexible seal which is resistant to liquid penetration, moisture, UV, and weathering.


Pyrotex End Dip Data Sheet

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Working Temperature
-50°F to 500°F
Material Composition Product Features
1-part Liquid Silicone Coating Fast cure time at room temperature
Excellent adhesion without priming
Resists fluids and high temperatures
Non-corrosive composition
High-temperature silicone RTV coating used to seal ends of Pyrotex Firesleeve products
Offers excellent adhesion and rapid cure time
Resists high temperatures, moisture, UV, ozone, and weathering when cured
Reduces end fray and fluid wicking for textile products
Used alongside Aerospace-grade Pyrotex Firesleeve in AS1055 assemblies
Curing Information
10 to 20 minute working time
30 to 60 minute tack free time
24 hour full cure time
Cure speed increases with elevated humidity and temperature
End sealing for Pyrotex sleeving and blanket
High temperature industrial coating
Reduces end fray and fluid wicking
SAE AS1072 compliant end sealant
End dip supplied as one-part liquid
Quart and gallon sizes available
Red Iron Oxide and Black colors available
Pyrotex End Dip – Part Numbers
Container Size
RIO Color
Black Color
1 Quart (0.95 Liter) PTED-10-Q PTED-30-Q
1 Gallon (3.78 Liter) PTED-10-G PTED-30-G

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