How do you Install Spiral Guard Wrap ?

Spiral Guard Wrap is easy to install over virtually any line. The Atlantex Manufacturing Corporation website Spiral Guard Wrap Product Page and Spiral Guard Wrap Datasheet contain great information regarding proper sizing of Spiral Guard Wrap.

Installing Spiral Guard Wrap is very simple and straightforward- just ensure that the spiral is the correct size for your individual application.

  1. Determine the outside diameter (OD) of your hose or bundle
  2. Compare your OD to the Spiral Guard Wrap’s ‘ID Range’ and choose a part number that best matches the size of the line needing coverage
  3. If your line OD is close to the top end of a spiral’s ID Range, consider using the next-larger spiral size for easier installation.
  4. Contact your Atlantex Sales Representative or Atlantex Customer Service via phone or email for additional sizing and usage information and to place an order for Spiral Guard Wrap.
  5. Spiral Guard Wrap is easily installed: When ample clearance is available, Spiral Guard Wrap simply slides over the component end and along the length to provide coverage. If fittings are present, or if the Spiral needs to expand for coverage, Spiral Guard Wrap is easily wrapped along the length of your assembly.
  6. Spiral Guard Wrap is manufactured with a rigid and durable polymer, so there is no need to terminate or finish ends- just cut to length, wrap component, and get back to work.
  7. Spiral Guard Wrap expands to accommodate larger diameter systems and hose bundles, but keep in mind that expanding the diameter will shorten the usable length of the spiral. If this could be problematic, please order additional footage, or order the next larger size to reduce the amount of expansion required for proper coverage.

Spiral Guard Wrap is a stock product, and Atlantex keeps hundreds upon hundreds of feet in inventory at all times. Contact Atlantex today to learn more about how Spiral Guard Wrap can contain cost, protect operators, and keep your facility and equipment running at peak efficiency.

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