Pyrotherm Thermal Boots

Pyrotherm Thermal Boots - Atlantex Manufacturing Corp.Ignition Protection – Product Overview

Pyrotherm Thermal Boots are manufactured with a double-walled braided fiberglass construction for long lasting ignition protection in high-temperature automotive applications. Available in a number of bold colors, various lengths, and with optional retention rings, Pyrotherm Boots are easy to install on virtually any make and model. The saturated fiberglass material will not burn or support combustion, and is highly resistant to fuels, oils, and other automotive fluids.


Thermal Boots Product Data Sheet

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Working Temperature ° F ° C
Continuous 1000 535
Material Composition Added Value
Continuous filament E-Glass fiber Available with optional retention rings
Tightly braided insulating substrate Suitable for all makes & models
Wear-resistant acrylic saturant 6” standard length, Others Available
Various colored coatings available Extensive stock for short lead times
Highly flexible and lightweight protective boot saturated in Atlantex’s acrylic blend
Protects ignition wires and cables from heat and thermal degradation
Colored Thermal Boot provides cost-effective color-coding
Saturant provides abrasion & wear protection, and greatly reduces end fray
Exceptional colorfastness provides for lasting system identification
Manufactured with advanced fiber materials
Standard Boot is 6″ length, which is a stock product
Standard pack is 250 boots per box
Minimum Order Quantity for Standard Boot is 1 box
Non-standard pack is 500 boots per box
Atlantex Available Colors: Replace “-##” in part number with:
-00 Natural
-15 Orange
-30 Black
-50 Yellow
-60 Blue
-70 Red
-80 Green
Thermal Boots – Part Numbers
Overall Lengths mm Standard Box Part Number
3-1/2″ 89 mm 250 boots per box  TB01035-##
3-1/2″ 89 mm 250 boots per box  TB01035-## NR
6″ 152 mm 250 boots per box  TB01060-##
6″ 152 mm 250 boots per box  TB01010-60-## NR
8″  203 mm 250 boots per box  TB01080-##
8″  203 mm 250 boots per box  TB01080-## NR

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