Sleeve. Protect. Identify. Atlantex.

The Story Behind our Slogan

Introducing our new slogan: Sleeve. Protect. Identify. Atlantex. In just four simple words, we want to be able to describe and tell you who we are and what we do as a company.


We understand how expensive hose assemblies can be, but we also know how important and effective it is to consider sleeving. At Atlantex, we sleeve because we want to protect. With over 50 years of expertise in the manufacture and coating of braided, knitted, and woven textile products, we are confident that we know what we are doing when it comes to sleeving.

7 Reasons to use Atlantex’s Hose Protection Sleeves:

  1. Avoid Instances of Costly Downtime
  2. Extend the Service Life of Assemblies
  3. Reduce Energy Expenditures due to Internal Heat Loss
  4. Help to Protect Operators and Personnel
  5. Identify Lines to Increase Operator Awareness 
  6. Hydraulic Hose Safety: Line Identification
  7. Simple and Low-Cost, yet Highly Effective, Identification Solution


As a manufacturer, our main goal is to produce high-quality products that will preserve the life of any hose assembly. Atlantex Manufacturing offers a variety of protective sleeving products to suit your individual application and protection needs.Tufftex HLC

We offer Pyrotex Firesleeve Products to protect your hose components from damage due to high heat, direct flame, and molten splash system hazards. If you are looking for thermal protection and an insulation solution, we recommend our Pyrotherm Products. Maybe you are looking for a heavy-duty abrasion sleeving? Atlantex also offers Abrasion Products to protect your hydraulic hose from damage due to abrasion. The newest product added to our product lines is our Kevlar® Products designed to offer a solutions-based Kevlar® cut-through and wear protection sleeving.

As you can see, we offer a variety of innovative protective sleeving products. Please explore our product pages and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We would be happy to help!


Identification Solution by color-coding & line identification

Atlantex was able to provide a simple and low-cost, yet highly effective, identification solution by color-coding and printing system identifiers directly onto the “supply” and “return” hoses.

The importance of hose safety in industrial settings is extremely critical. In order to increase personnel protection levels in our industry, Atlantex offers custom printing services for private brand development and/or line identification.

This value-added service increases operator awareness, reduces the likelihood of operator harm, preserves uptime and production efficiency, and can help to promote brand awareness in your target marketplace- all while protecting your system and prolonging the service life of costly assemblies.

Our goal is to provide a solution for your line identification application by making available a variety of color-coatings. Such as RIO, Safety Orange, Aluminized, Black, Grey, Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green.


At Atlantex, not only are we a business but we are family. We understand family because we are a family. As a family-owned company for over 20 years, we can understand the importance of loyalty, trust, values, patience, and relationships. At Atlantex, we do not just treat you like any ordinary customer – we treat you like part of our Atlantex family.

“Every day I am fortunate to be working with my family. As a family, we look after one another just as we do for Atlantex. We want the best for our customers with service, product quality, delivery requirements, and we will make every effort to do it.”

Dawn Ford, Senior Administrative Director

As a manufacturer, we understand the importance of dependability in the work place. Our employees pay close attention to the small details to ensure that your products are being made to your specifications. The Atlantex team is committed to work hard to meet all deadlines in a timely matter to ensure that our products and service will meet your expectation for your overall satisfaction with us.

Additional Questions? Give us a call at (610) 518-6601, or email us at