Tufftex M

Braided PET Monofilament – Product Overview

Tufftex M is a durable and highly expandable sleeving solution designed to bundle and protect lines from abrasion and external wear. The cost-effective braided PET monofilament sleeving is ideal for use in automotive, electrical, and industrial applications. Manufactured with a braided construction, Tufftex M is expandable to fit over connectors and end fittings, conformable for use on dynamic lines, and flexible for continuous movements without impeding bend radii of wire, cables, and other systems. Tufftex M is lightweight and low profile, ideal for under-hood and electronics applications.

Durable PET monofilament provides excellent protection against abrasion and external wear and is resistant to UV and common automotive and industrial fluids. The open braid construction will not contain heat and allows for complete drainage of moisture and condensation. Tufftex M is best cut with a hot knife to prevent end-fray and improve long-term durability. To minimize end-fray when cut with ordinary scissors, Tufftex M can be specially treated upon request. Once installed, Tufftex M provides an attractive, professional, and durable cover for a wide range of systems.


Tufftex M Datasheet

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Working Temperature
° F ° C
Continuous:  300  150


Material Composition
PET Monofilament REACh & RoHS Compliant
 Durable abrasion protection
 Ideal for bundling multiple lines
 Expandable to fit over connectors
 Easy to install over long lengths
 Resistant to UV and common industrial and automotive fluids
 Cut with hot knife to prevent end fray
 Attractive finished look when installed
 Lightweight, flexible, low profile
 Available in nominal diameters ranging from 1-4” to 1-3/4”
 Standard color is black
 Supplied in standard lengths
Tufftex M – Part Numbers
Sleeve ID Size Part Number
1/4” -04 TFM04200-30
1/2” -08 TFM08200-30
3/4” -12 TFM12200-30
1-1/4” -20 TFM20200-30
1-3/4” -28 TFM28200-30