By braiding Kevlar ® into a braided protective sleeve, Atlantex is able to offer a thermally-stable, lightweight, flexible, and expandable sleeve with excellent mechanical properties- tensile strength, modulus, etc.

Atlantex’s Para-Tex Kevlar® protective sleeving combines the time-tested physical strength of genuine Kevlar® fibers with our technical textile production expertise to create the ultimate in cut-resistant sleeving. Braided construction provides 100% system coverage and excellent flexibility. Manufactured with 100% genuine Kevlar® aramid fibers to ensure high performance in the most demanding applications.

There are a myriad of industrial applications for Kevlar ® protective sleeving, everything from fuel pumps to cryogenic systems, heavy equipment systems protection to consumer product reinforcement. Frequently used as a lightweight cut-through and wear-resistant sleeve over critical hoses, cables, and assemblies. Para-Tex B can also be used as an integral reinforcement layer for a wide range of products and industries.

We believe that sleeving critical lines with Para-Tex B Kevlar ® sleeving will increase uptime and efficiency, will prolong the life of systems and equipment, and will provide reliable protection for an organization’s most valuable assets- personnel. In our own way, Atlantex would like to use Kevlar® fibers to help make the world a safer, more productive place.

Please take a moment to watch Dare Bigger™ with Kevlar ® – The Kevlar ® Journey, Top To Bottom.

You will see various applications of DuPont™ Kevlar ® improving the safety of people. One example in the video is a Chilean miner, Patricio Porta that uses the Kevlar ® belt for high durability and strength.

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