What is the difference between Pyrotex Aerospace-grade Braid and Pyrotex Industrial Knit Firesleeve?


The main difference between the Aerospace-grade and Industrial grade Pyrotex is the construction of the fiberglass layer and the amount of fiberglass used in the layer. See the differences and similarities below.


  • Utilizes more fiberglass in substrate and more silicone in coating
  • Braided E-Glass substrate offers 100% glass coverage
  • Largest size range available (1/4” to 6” ID)
  • Increased insulation performance
    • Maintain internal temperature for heated lines
    • Protects cool lines from external heat & damage
  • Premium firesleeve carries third-party certifications
    • UL 1441 with VW-1 Flame Rating
    • AS1072 compliant for AS1055 assemblies
  • Best suited for the following applications:
    • High ambient heat, heated lines, personnel protection
    • Automotive and transportation applications
    • Heated or heat-traced lines
    • Marine, aviation, construction, and defense equipment


  • All-purpose firesleeve suitable for use in many applications and environments
  • Longest continuous lengths for scrap reduction
  • Best pricing for silicone-coated sleeving
  • Lighter-weight than braided firesleeve = reduced finished weight of assembly
  • Best suited for the following applications:
    • General industrial hose/line protection
    • Mill & Foundry applications
    • Welding applications
    • MRO applications
    • High ambient heat & molten splash


  • Same temperature rating (minimum and maximum) for both glass substrate and polymer coating
  • Same self-extinguishing and molten-splash resistant coating
  • Available in RIO, Aluminized, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green
  • Materials comply with REACh, RoHS, and Conflict Minerals requirements
  • Can be fabricated with Velcro®, Zippers, or Snap closures
  • Resistant to high temperature, common industrial/automotive fluids, and UV/weathering
  • Can be terminated with SA Tape or Pyrotex End Dip
  • Excellent flexibility across size and temperature range
  • Elasticity allows sleeving to be stretched over fittings or irregular profiles
  • Can be custom-printed for brand recognition or system identification
  • Create refractory crust upon flame impingement to self-extinguish and minimize thermal transfer
  • Substrate and silicone polymer developed and produced in-house directly by Atlantex
  • Stocked product for fast turnaround / order fulfillment
  • Bulk lengths, cut pieces, shop spools, and custom packaging available
  • Atlantex produces both in-house and operates ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

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Atlantex Manufacturing operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

AMC certifies that all of our products designated as RoHS Compliant conform to the requirements of EC Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS).

Pyrotex Aerospace-grade Braided Firesleeve is a UL-Recognized Component, and is among the world’s first firesleeves to achieve UL recognition, per UL Standard 1441.

We are a proud member and supplier to NAHAD - The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution. We look forward to continuing to serve NAHAD in the years to come.

Atlantex Manufacturing is the key supplier to the IDCO group by providing the highest quality sleeving products to your local markets.
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