Pyrotherm FG Tape

Fiberglass Thermal Tape - Atlantex Manufacturing Corp.Fiberglass Thermal Tape – Product Overview

Pyrotherm FG Tape is a highly versatile and easy to install insulation system, used to insulate lines with a large or irregular outer diameter pipes with bends, and for existing lines which require insulation and cannot be disconnected. Wrapping systems in 100% fiberglass Pyrotherm FG Tape provides reliable thermal protection and insulation in extreme environments with temperatures up to 1000°F.

Resistant to common industrial fluids and chemicals, this noncombustible thermal tape provides continuous insulation in the harshest of industrial applications. Manufacturers, operators, and MRO professionals will appreciate the straightforward installation that does not require system shutdowns for line insulation. FG Tape is commonly used as a pipe wrap, gasket component, and door seal.

Pyrotherm FG Tape is available in a number of different varieties, including plain woven, drop warp, and adhesive-backed.


Pyrotherm FG Tape Data Sheet

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Working Temperature: ° F ° C
Continuous: 1000 535
Material Composition Added Value
Highly texturized E-Glass fiber REACh & RoHS compliant
Versatile thermal protection Extensive stock for short lead times
Densely woven insulating tape Economical system protection
Extremely lightweight and flexible Various constructions available
Highly flexible and lightweight protective tape
Protects hoses, wires, cables, etc. from thermal degradation in industrial, automotive, and appliance applications
Versatile tape construction ideal for installation over large & irregular systems
Simple installation without the need to disconnect lines
Good resistance to most common industrial chemicals and solvents
Available in diameters from 1/2″ (13mm) to 6″ (152mm)
Pyrotherm FG Tape is a stock product, allowing for fast turnaround time
Plain, Bolt Hole, Heat-Cleaned, & PSA variations available
Pyrotherm FG Tape – Part Numbers 
Width Standard Roll Length 1/16″ Thickness 1/8″ Thickness
1/2″ 13 mm 100ft. Roll FGT080625 FGT08125
1″ 25 mm 100ft. Roll FGT160625 FGT16125
1-1/2″ 38 mm 100ft. Roll FGT240625 FGT24125
2″ 51 mm 100ft. Roll FGT320625 FGT32125
2-1/2″ 64 mm 100ft. Roll FGT400625 FGT40125
3″ 76 mm 100ft. Roll FGT480625 FGT48125
3-1/2″ 89 mm 100ft. Roll FGT560625 FGT56125
4″ 102 mm 100ft. Roll FGT640625 FGT64125
5″ 127 mm 100ft. Roll FGT800625 FGT80125
6″ 152 mm 100ft. Roll FGT960625 FGT96125
Pyrotherm FG Tape – Part Numbers
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive
Width Standard Roll 1/8″ Thickness Part No.
1/2″ 13mm 100ft. Roll FGT08125-PSA
1″ 25mm 100ft. Roll FGT16125-PSA
1-1/2″ 38mm 100ft. Roll FGT24125-PSA
2″ 51mm 100ft. Roll FGT32125-PSA
2-1/2″ 64mm 100ft. Roll FGT40125-PSA
3″ 76mm 100ft. Roll FGT48125-PSA
3-1/2″ 89mm 100ft. Roll FGT56125-PSA
4″ 102mm 100ft. Roll FGT64125-PSA
5″ 127mm 100ft. Roll FGT80125-PSA
6″ 152mm 100ft. Roll FGT96125-PSA
Pyrotherm FG Tape – Part Numbers
Bolt Hole/Drop Warp
Width Standard Roll 1/8″ Thickness Part No.
1/2″ 13mm 100ft. Roll FGT08125-DT
1″ 25mm 100ft. Roll FGT16125-DT
1-1/2″ 38mm 100ft. Roll FGT24125-DT
2″ 51mm 100ft. Roll FGT32125-DT
2-1/2″ 64mm 100ft. Roll FGT40125-DT
3″ 76mm 100ft. Roll FGT48125-DT
3-1/2″ 89mm 100ft. Roll FGT56125-DT
4″ 102mm 100ft. Roll FGT64125-DT
5″ 127mm 100ft. Roll FGT80125-DT
6″ 152mm 100ft. Roll FGT96125-DT

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