Tufftex ZIP

Reusable Abrasion Sleeve – Product Overview

Tufftex ZIP provides an easy-to-install abrasion protection and line bundling solution, ideally suited for many applications and industries. Manufactured with a specially-coated 1050-denier ballistic Nylon and a heavy-duty Nylon zipper closure system, Tufftex ZIP provides long-wearing, yet flexible and lightweight, system protection which can be installed in the field without the need to disconnect lines.

Easily bundle multiple lines together to provide simultaneous protection and route hoses away from hazards with Tufftex ZIP.


Tufftex ZIP Data Sheet

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Working Temperature ° F ° C
Lower Limit: -65 -55
Upper Limit: 225 107
Material Composition Added Value
1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon Excellent abrasion & wear protection
Tightly woven protective sleeve Simple retrofit installation
Heavy-duty Nylon zipper closure Bundle multiple lines together
Urethane-coated for UV protection
Durable and reusable urethane-coated, 1050 ballistic Nylon abrasion sleeve
Resistant to acids, oils, solvents, environmental exposure, and UV-impingement
Capable of bundling multiple lines together, providing simultaneous protection
Provides neat and attractive line routing on finished equipment
Protect assemblies from premature wear, reduce maintenance expenditures, and increase uptime
Easily and quickly installed with no need to disconnect lines
Tufftex ZIP is a custom-fabricated product
Standard color is Black
Supplied in custom zipper lengths.
Available in diameters from 1″ (25mm) to 8″ (203mm)
Atlantex Available Colors
-30 Black
Tufftex ZIP – Part Numbers
Sleeve ID* Size Part Number
1″ -16 TFZIP 16-30
1-1/2″ -24 TFZIP 24-30
2″ -32 TFZIP 32-30
2-1/2″ -40 TFZIP 40-30
3″ -48 TFZIP 48-30
3-1/2″ -56 TFZIP 56-30
4″ -64 TFZIP 64-30
4-1/2″ -72 TFZIP 72-30
5″ -80 TFZIP 80-30
5-1/2″ -88 TFZIP 88-30
6″ -96 TFZIP 96-30
6-1/2″ -104 TFZIP 104-30
7″ -112 TFZIP 112-30
7-1/2″ -120 TFZIP 120-30
8″ -128 TFZIP 128-30
8-1/2″ -136 TFZIP 136-30
*Nominal ID – Not Lay flat.

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