Pyrotex S/G Double-Sided Silicone Thermal Tape

atlantex-double-sided-ds-tape_pic2Double-Sided (DS) Thermal Wrap – Product Overview

Atlantex’s Pyrotex Firesleeve Double-Sided S/G silicone Thermal Tape is a versatile protection and maintenance solution which provides the trusted performance of Pyrotex S/G Firesleeve in a convenient and easy to install tape construction. Pyrotex DS S/G Tape is manufactured with silicone on both sides of the tape ideally for wrapping foundry systems, high temperature piping, irregularly shaped systems, and components with a large O.D. Utilizing the same silicone polymer as Pyrotex Firesleeve, Pyrotex DS S/G Thermal Tape offers excellent resistance to molten splash and direct flame.

Preserve uptime, reduce downtime, reduce hose replacement expenditures, and prevent personnel injury by protecting lines with Pyrotex DS S/G Tape.


Pyrotex S/G Thermal Tape Data Sheet

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Working Temperature: ° F ° C
Continuous: 500 260
Short term: 2200 1200
Material Composition Added Value
Highly texturized E-Glass fiber tape Install without disconnecting lines
Expertly woven insulating substrate REACh & RoHS compliant
High-temperature Silicone polymer Bulk lengths available to reduce scrap
Self-extinguishing Silicone-coated insulating tape for versatile thermal protection
Sheds molten metal splash and resists direct flame impingement
Lightweight and highly flexible – ideal for large diameters or irregularly-shaped systems
Will not melt, burn, or support combustion- does not emit toxic smoke
Resistant to hydraulic fluids, fuels, lubricating oil, and water
Extends service life of assemblies and provides personnel protection
 Protex DS S/G Tape is supplied in 100 ft. rolls
 Protex DS S/G Tape is available in diameters 1″ (25mm) to 5″ (127mm)
 RIO Color standard
Atlantex Available Colors: Replace “-##” in part number with:
-10 Red Iron Oxide (RIO)
Pyrotex Double-Sided Silcone Tape – Part Numbers
1″ 0.2025″ 100ft. Rolls PT16700-10 DS
2″ 0.2025″ 100ft. Rolls PT32700-10 DS
3″ 0.2025″ 100ft. Rolls PT48700-10 DS
4″ 0.2025″ 50ft. Rolls PT64700-10 DS
5″ 0.2025″ 50ft. Rolls PT80700-10 DS

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