Pyrotex SNAP Firesleeve

Silicone Firesleeve Sleeve - SNAP Closure - Atlantex Manufacturing Corp.Reclosable SNAP Firesleeve – Product Overview

Pyrotex SNAP Firesleeve provides the time-tested value of standard, seamless Pyrotex SG Firesleeve in an easy-to-install sleeve solution which can be installed without the need to disconnect existing lines.

Pyrotex SNAP is fabricated from either Pyrotex Industrial Knit or Pyrotex Aerospace-grade Braid Firesleeve, expertly stitched with a high-temperature industrial Snap Closure system. Pyrotex SNAP keeps your processes running, and allows for increased uptime and productivity by eliminating the need to disconnect lines in order to resleeve. Bundle multiple lines together with Pyrotex SNAP to provide simultaneous protection with one sleeve and to route hoses, wires, and cables away from hazards.

Extend the service life of assemblies and reduce the likelihood of personnel injury with Pyrotex SNAP. Resistant to molten splash, high temperatures, direct flame, and common industrial fluids, Pyrotex SNAP Firesleeve is an ideal protective sleeve solution for many applications and industries.


Pyrotex SNAP Data Sheet

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Working Temperature ° F ° C
Continuous: 500 260
Short term: 2200 1200
Material Composition
Added Value
Highly texturized E-Glass fiber Simple, retrofit installation
Braided or knitted insulating substrate Atlantex’s proven performance in an easy-to implement thermal solution
High-temperature Silicone polymer Increase uptime & protect personnel
Stainless steel closure
Self-extinguishing thick-walled insulating sleeve for excellent thermal protection
Sheds molten metal splash and protects systems from direct flame impingement
Lightweight and highly flexible composite protective sleeve-exceptional elasticity
Will not melt, burn, or support combustion- does not emit toxic smoke
Resistant to hydraulic fluids, fuels, lubricating oil, and water
Extends service life of assemblies and provides personnel protection
Pyrotex SNAP Braid is available in diameters from 3/4″ (19 mm) to 5″(127 mm)
Pyrotex SNAP Knit is available in diameters from 3/4″ (19 mm) to 4″ (102 mm)
Fabricate Pyrotex SG Blanket for sleeving larger than 5″ (127 mm)
Available in standard RIO, other colors are available upon request
Atlantex Available Colors: Replace “-##” in part number with:
-10 Red Iron Oxide (RIO)
-20 Aluminized
-30 Black
-50 Yellow
-60 Blue
-70 Red
-80 Green
Pyrotex Aerospace-grade Braid SNAP – Part Numbers
Sleeve ID* Aerospace-grade Braid
3/4″ 19 mm PT12200-## SNAP
1″ 25 mm PT16200-## SNAP
1-1/4″ 32 mm PT20200-## SNAP
1-1/2″ 38 mm PT24200-## SNAP
1-3/4″ 44 mm PT28200-## SNAP
2″ 51 mm PT32200-## SNAP
2-1/4″ 57 mm PT36200-## SNAP
2-1/2″ 64 mm PT40200-## SNAP
2-3/4″ 70 mm PT44200-## SNAP
3″ 76 mm PT48200-## SNAP
3-1/2″ 89 mm PT56200-## SNAP
4″ 102 mm PT64200-## SNAP
Pyrotex Industrial Knit SNAP – Part Numbers
Sleeve ID* Industrial Knit
3/4″ 19 mm PT12100-## SNAP
1″ 25 mm PT16100-## SNAP
1-1/4″ 32 mm PT20100-## SNAP
1-1/2″ 38 mm PT24100-## SNAP
1-3/4″ 44 mm PT28100-## SNAP
2″ 51 mm PT32100-## SNAP
2-1/4″ 57 mm PT36100-## SNAP
2-1/2″ 64 mm PT40100-## SNAP
2-3/4″ 70 mm PT44100-## SNAP
3″ 76 mm PT48100-## SNAP
3-1/2″ 89 mm PT56100-## SNAP
4″ 102 m

PT64100-## SNAP

* Nominal ID – Not Lay flat. 
Larger Sizes available upon request.
** Additional Lengths available upon request. Consult Factory for specific length requirement.

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