ReflectTherm ZIP

ReflectTherm ZIPReclosable Radiant Heat Shield – Product Overview

Reflect-Therm ZIP sleeve shields components from the damaging effects of radiant heat. Reflect-Therm sleeving is a high-performance composite sleeve specifically designed to reflect upwards of 90% of radiant heat away from critical components. Manufactured with a highly-reflective and heat-resistant fabric, Reflect-Therm ZIP will not melt, burn, or support combustion, and is resistant to common automotive, marine, and industrial fluids. Reflect-Therm ZIP is manufactured with a durable aramid and metal zipper closure for convenient installation, removal for inspection, and re-use if the line is replaced.

Reflect-Therm sleeving allows users to minimize thermal transfer, maintain peak operating efficiency, and prolong the life of critical components in heavy industrial, performance automotive, and other demanding applications. Reflect-Therm products can be manufactured with a variety of closures, and can even be fabricated for suit nearly any application.


ReflectTherm ZIP Data Sheet

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Working Temperature
° F ° C
Continuous:  425  220
Material Composition
Added Value
Aluminum-laminated fiberglass weave Long-wearing laminate bond
Silicone wash coating Excellent radiant heat protection
High-temperature zipper closure Resistant to automotive and industrial fluids
Highly reflective sleeve surface Minimal fraying & improved handling
 Reflects upwards of 90% of radiant energy away from critical system components
 Aluminum-laminated fiberglass provides reliable protection at temperature extremes
 Lightweight and versatile thermal protection
 Custom fabricate ReflectTherm to fit virtually any system

Reflect-Therm ZIP Part Numbers

Reflect-Therm ZIP is a custom, made to order product. For ordering information, please contact the Atlantex team at