Pyrotherm HT

Pyrotherm Heat Treated (HT) - Atlantex Manufacturing Corp.Heat-Treated Sleeve – Product Overview

Pyrotherm HT sleeving provides an attractive heat-treated thermal protection and insulation solution for assemblies in many applications and industries. Manufactured with continuous filament E-Glass which has been tightly braided and heat treated to remove processing oils and residual organic binders, Pyrotherm HT provides reliable thermal protection and insulation with minimal smoking and off-gassing at temperature extremes.

Pyrotherm HT withstands continuous exposure to temperatures of 1000°F, is resistant to common industrial fluids and chemicals, and is a completely asbestos-free, non-hazardous insulation sleeve. Pyrotherm HT is used to protect hoses, wires, cables, and assemblies in industrial, automotive, and appliance applications.


Pyrotherm HT Data Sheet

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Working Temperature ° F ° C
Continuous: 1000 535
Material Composition
Added Value
Continuous filament E-Glass fiber REACh & RoHS compliant
Tightly braided insulating substrate Extensive stock for short lead times
Heat-treatment reduces off-gassing Economical system protection
Extremely expandable and flexible  Conformable & attractive finish
Flexible and lightweight protective sleeve heat-cleaned to reduce off-gassing of residual organics
Protects assemblies from thermal degradation in industrial, automotive, and appliance applications
Continuous-filament E-Glass braid provides extraordinary expansion and conformability
Good resistance to most common industrial chemicals and solvents
Pyrotherm HT is a stock product, allowing for fast turnaround time
Bulk lengths available for scrap minimization
Available in diameters 1/2″ Nominal ID (13mm) to 4″ ID (102mm)
Available in natural tan color
Pyrotherm HT – Part Numbers 
Sleeve ID* Size Standard Lengths** Part Number
1/2″ -8 Long, random lengths HT08201
5/8″ -10 Long, random lengths HT10201
3/4″ -12 Long, random lengths HT12201
7/8″ -14 Long, random lengths HT14201
1″ -16 Long, random lengths HT16201
1-1/4″ -20 Long, random lengths HT20201
1-3/8″ -22 Long, random lengths HT22201
1-1/2″ -24 Long, random lengths HT24201
2″ -32 Long, random lengths HT32201
2-1/4″ -36 Long, random lengths HT36201
2-1/2″ -40 Long, random lengths HT40201
3″ -48 Long, random lengths HT48201
4″ -64 Long, random lengths HT64201
*Nominal ID – Not Lay flat.
** Supplied in long, random lengths. Consult factory for specific length.

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