Pyrotherm HS

Pyrotherm Heat Saturated Sleeve - Natural - Atlantex Manufacturing Corp.Saturated Fiberglass Sleeve – Product Overview

Pyrotherm HS is treated with Atlantex’s polymer solution to reduce end fray and provide flexible and expandable thermal and mechanical protection.

HS sleeving is manufactured with continuous-filament E-Glass fibers which have been tightly braided, heat-treated, and saturated in our unique polymer solution to improve mechanical properties and wear resistance while providing reliable thermal protection and insulation. Pyrotherm HS sleeving is trusted to perform in applications for industrial, automotive, equipment, and many other industries.

Colored Pyrotherm HS products offer the same proven protection as standard Pyrotherm HS, but with the added value of high-visibility colors for line identification, operator awareness, color coding, and wear-through indication.


Pyrotherm HS Product Data Sheet

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Saturant Stability: 400 200
Substrate Continuous: 1000 535
Continuous filament E-Glass fiber Private brand printing services
Tightly braided insulating substrate REACh & RoHS compliant
Wear-resistant polymer saturant Bulk lengths available to reduce scrap
Various colored coatings available Extensive stock for short lead times
Highly flexible and lightweight protective sleeve saturated in Atlantex’s acrylic blend
Protects hoses, wires, cables, etc. from heat and abrasion in industrial, automotive, and appliance applications
Colored HS Sleeve allows for cost-effective line identification by color-coding
Saturated provides abrasion & wear protection, and greatly reduces end fray
Exceptional colorfastness provides for lasting system identification
Natural Tan Color standard
Supplied in long, random lengths
Pyrotherm HS is available in diameters from 1/2″ (13 mm) to 4″ (102 mm)
Available in Natural Tan, Orange, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, & Green
-15 Orange
-30 Black
-50 Yellow
-60 Blue
-70 Red
-80 Green
Sleeve ID* Size Standard Lengths Part Number
1/2″ -8 Long, random lengths HS08200-##
5/8″ -10 Long, random lengths HS10200-##
3/4″ -12 Long, random lengths HS12200-##
7/8″ -14 Long, random lengths HS14200-##
1″ -16 Long, random lengths HS16200-##
1-1/4″ -20 Long, random lengths HS20200-##
1-3/8″ -22 Long, random lengths HS22200-##
1-1/2″ -24 Long, random lengths HS24200-##
2″ -32 Long, random lengths HS32200-##
2-1/4″ -36 Long, random lengths HS36200-##
2-1/2″ -40 Long, random lengths HS40200-##
3″ -48 Long, random lengths HS48200-##
4″ -64 Long, random lengths HS64200-##
* Nominal ID – Not Lay flat.

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