Pyrotherm LW

Pyrotherm (LW) Light Wall - Atlantex Manufacturing Corp.Light Wall Thermal Sleeve – Product Overview

Pyrotherm Lightwall (LW) sleeving provides cost-effective thermal protection and insulation for assemblies in many applications and industries. Manufactured with high-bulk fiberglass, Pyrotherm LW is a highly flexible and expandable, lightweight and versatile braided protective sleeving solution.

Pyrotherm LW withstands continuous exposure to temperatures of 1000°F, is resistant to common industrial fluids and chemicals, and is a completely asbestos-free, non-hazardous insulation sleeve. Pyrotherm LW is used as a standalone insulating sleeve, layered within an assembly (BOP hoses), and used as a primary insulation layer beneath Pyrotex SG Firesleeve.


Pyrotherm Light Wall Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet


Working Temperature ° F ° C
Continuous: 1000 535
Material Composition
Added Value
Highly texturized E-Glass fiber REACh & RoHS compliant
1/16″ Wall Thickness Extensive stock for short lead times
Tightly braided insulating sleeve Economical system protection
Extremely expandable and flexible Completely, 100% asbestos-free
Highly flexible and lightweight protective sleeve
Protects hoses, wires, cables, etc. from thermal degradation in industrial, automotive, and appliance applications
High-bulk E-Glass braid provides extraordinary expansion and conformability
Good resistance to most common industrial chemicals and solvents
Pyrotherm LW is a stock product, allowing for fast turnaround time
Available in diameters 1/4″ Nominal ID (6mm) to 4″ ID (102mm)
Bulk lengths available for scrap minimization
Pyrotherm LW – Part Numbers
Sleeve ID* Size Ft/Box Part Number
1/4″ -04 1400 ft LW04200
3/8″ -06 1400 ft LW06200
1/2″ -08 1000 ft LW08200
5/8″ -10 900 ft LW10200
3/4″ -12 750 ft LW12200
7/8″ -14 650 ft LW14200
1″ -16 500 ft LW16200
1-1/4″ -20 450 ft LW20200
1-1/2″ -24 350 ft LW24200
1-3/4″ -28 300 ft LW28200
2″ -32 250 ft LW32200
2-1/2″ -40 225 ft LW40200
3″ -48 200 ft LW48200
3-1/2″ -56 190 ft LW56200
4″ -64 175 ft LW64200
*Nominal ID – Not Lay flat

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Atlantex Manufacturing operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

AMC certifies that all of our products designated as RoHS Compliant conform to the requirements of EC Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS).

Pyrotex Aerospace-grade Braided Firesleeve is a UL-Recognized Component, and is among the world’s first firesleeves to achieve UL recognition, per UL Standard 1441.

We are a proud member and supplier to NAHAD - The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution. We look forward to continuing to serve NAHAD in the years to come.

Atlantex Manufacturing is the key supplier to the IDCO group by providing the highest quality sleeving products to your local markets.
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