St. Patricks Day

Today everyone is Irish. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

You’re in luck! Atlantex Manufacturing is able to easily provide green sleeving for all your hydraulic needs. The importance of hydraulic hose safety in industrial settings is extremely critical. We strive to increase personnel protection levels in our industry, and as a manufacturer we understand how important safety is. When we send each customer a product of ours, we make sure that it will work to its full potential under hazardous conditions such as extreme heat, flame, and abrasion.

We are able to provide a rainbow of colors for your sleeving needs; including Red Iron Oxide, Safety Orange, Aluminized, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red and the St. Patty’s Green. Atlantex also offers custom printing services for private brand development and/or line identification. This value-added service increases operator awareness, reduces the likelihood of operator harm, preserves uptime and production efficiency, and can help to promote brand awareness in your target marketplace- all while protecting your system and prolonging the service life of costly assemblies.

Green Pyrotherm HS Sleeving

Using some unique ingredients, the Pyrotherm HS is treated with Atlantex’s special polymer solution to reduce end fray and provide flexible and expandable thermal and mechanical protection.

Green Tufftex Nylon Braided Abrasion Sleeving

Our take on this Irish Tufftex Braided sleeving features excellent wear and abrasion protection with high visibility and great colorfastness. This unique sleeve provides 100% coverage in a lightweight, flexible, and expandable sleeve.

Green Pyrotex Firesleeve & Pyrotex SNAP Firesleeve

We’re happy to announce we’ve found another way of making your lives easier with our newest addition, Pyrotex SNAP. Pyrotex SNAP is fabricated from either Pyrotex Industrial Knit or Pyrotex Aerospace-grade Braid Firesleeve, expertly stitched with a high-temperature Industrial Snap Closure system. Colored firesleeve products can also be used to promote your brand’s colors and give finished assemblies a unique and attractive finish.

Green Spiral Guard Wrap

The use of Atlantex’s Spiral Guard Wrap is an economical and convenient method of protecting and extending the life of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, cables, wires & rope from premature wear.

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