Available in vibrant colors such as Safety Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, and many other colors upon request

Historically, Nylon abrasion sleeving has been available in black, and only black, in color. While it is true that black abrasion sleeving performs extremely well and has been field-tested across a wide range of industries, the design team at Atlantex has found an opportunity for improvement.

Regarded as offering the best textile-based abrasion protection in the industry, along with exceptional resistances to chemicals, UV-impingement, and weathering, Nylon 6 has become a coveted and commonplace material in the industrial, equipment, mining, agriculture, forestry, and transportation sectors. Atlantex’s newly-developed, brightly-colored Tufftex B Braided Nylon Abrasion Sleeve provides excellent wear and abrasion protection with high visibility and great colorfastness. Tufftex B’s braided construction provides 100% coverage in a lightweight, flexible, and expandable protective sleeve.

The obvious purpose for choosing an abrasion sleeve is to shield hydraulic hoses, wires, and cables from damage, protect operators and personnel, and increase the service life of hoses and assemblies. Black Nylon sleeving will achieve these goals easily and dependably- but Tufftex B offers you more.

For instance, let’s say you decide to purchase a black protective sleeve for a black hydraulic hose. Since the hose color and sleeve color match, there is no contrast visible to help operators visualize wear. By utilizing solution-dyed Nylon in the manufacture of Tufftex B, the black hose will be highly visible beneath a Safety Orange colored abrasion sleeve- providing simultaneous line identification, visibility, and wear indication without the crippling minimum order quantities required for woven Nylon protective sleeving.

Below, you will find a series of photographs demonstrating the huge difference between a black-on-black wear scenario, and the Safety Orange Tufftex B over black wear-through. Even at 15 feet away,  a 1.5″ wear spot is visible!

Increase operator awareness, identify critical lines, and spot high-wear areas before problems arise- all while extending the service life of your assemblies. Contact Atlantex today to discuss your systems protection needs!

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