6" Firesleeve Assembly

Case Study: Atlantex Manufacturing and McGill Hose & Coupling

As industrial applications become more complex and demanding, reliably functional solutions must be developed and successfully implemented. McGill Hose & Coupling was recently called upon to engineer one such solution- and Atlantex was there to help.

The customer, a chemical plant, was faced with the challenge of transferring a liquid for processing. Sounds simple enough.

This liquid, however, has a freezing temperature of approximately 82°F- creating a much more difficult fluid transfer situation. In order to keep the customer’s processes running efficiently, the team at McGill Hose & Coupling developed and fabricated a customized hose assembly. Using Atlantex’s Pyrotex Firesleeve and Pyrotherm Fiberglass Tape, McGill was able to develop a solution which maintained the required internal temperature to convey the fluid.

The solution to this unique and challenging fluid handling application was an impressive 2” x 15’ 316SS steam-traced hose assembly with a 4” x 15’ exterior hose, complete with ports installed near each end to allow for steam tracing and water drainage.

In order to maintain the required internal temperature, the exterior hose was first wrapped with 1/4” thick Pyrotherm Fiberglass Tape. Pyrotherm FG Tape’s efficient insulation performance combined with ease of installation and economical price made it an ideal base layer.

After wrapping the exterior hose with Pyrotherm FG Tape, the entire assembly was jacketed in Atlantex’s Pyrotex Firesleeve. Given the large outside diameter of the insulated exterior hose, Atlantex’s manufacturing expertise was called upon to supply a seamless 6” ID Aerospace-grade firesleeve. As the ONLY manufacturer able to produce firesleeve in such a large diameter, Atlantex was able to meet this challenge and supply the necessary seamless sleeve. Seamless firesleeve provides superior insulation performance as compared to a fabricated sleeve, since there is no seam present to allow for thermal transfer.

The combination of Atlantex’s Pyrotherm FG Tape and Pyrotex Aerospace-grade Braid Firesleeve effectively minimized heat loss and allowed for the reliable transmission of the fluid. In fact, the hose was so successful, a similar assembly was recently sent to the same customer.

While the insulation products supplied by Atlantex were standard, stock products, the hose they were used on certainly was not.

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