Use CAUTION SLEEVE to Avoid Danger or Mistakes

You’ve just been hired as the producer of a new detective show on television.

What is the first thing you are going to do? Purchase yellow and black crime scene tape.  Every detective in the history of television has been filmed ducking under or stepping over yellow and black tape while bantering back and forth about who are the potential culprits.  Every crime scene in America is bordered by the two colors that together scream “caution!” When your employees see a hose encased with the Atlantex CAUTION SLEEVE, they are going to instantly know that they need to exercise caution.  They’ve watched plenty of detective shows before!

Our mission at Atlantex is to continually develop high-quality products that can preserve the life of any hose assembly. However, we also want to preserve the health of your employees.  We have achieved both purposes with the introduction of our CAUTION SLEEVE, a striped high-visibility and long-wearing protective sleeve, designed to increase awareness of potential personnel hazards caused by air hoses, extension cords, welding cables, and overhead wires that are present in many workplaces.  Show our CAUTION SLEEVE to your employee responsible for safety officer and hear their sigh of relief.

Manufactured with durable wear-resistant Nylon fibers, CAUTION SLEEVE not only protects employees, but it also extends the service life of critical lines around the shop. It is a lightweight, flexible, and expandable protective sleeve that provides resistance to common industrial chemicals and solvents, UV impingement, and mechanical wear.  The Atlantex Tufftex B abrasion sleeving  also provides high-visibility to help you identify potential areas of wear long before a hose failure.

Where can our CAUTION SLEEVE be applied at your facility?  What hoses do you want employees to be cautious around?  Which hoses are so critical to your operation that you want to identify even the earliest stage of wear and tear?

Contact Atlantex today to order your CAUTION SLEEVE.

caution tape

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