Many Atlantex products are easily custom-printed to your specifications. The process is quick, easy, & affordable, and can bring unmatched value to distributors and end-users alike. Atlantex can print virtually anything directly onto the surface of Pyrotex S/G and Tufftex products. We use high-quality indelible ink for high contrast, great readability, and excellent longevity in harsh environments.

How do I get started?

Contact Atlantex’s Customer Service team to discuss your requirements.

What can Atlantex print?

We offer custom printing services for private brand development and/or line identification. This value-added service increases operator awareness, reduces the likelihood of operator harm, preserves uptime and production efficiency, and can help to promote brand awareness in your target marketplace- all while protecting your system and prolonging the service life of costly assemblies.

We can print virtually anything onto your Pyrotex sleeving, including:

  • System Identifiers (STEAM, SUPPLY, OIL, etc.)
  • Company Information (Company Name, Your Logo, Phone Number)
  • Reorder Information (Part Number, Reorder Number)

Which products can be printed?

How long will it take?

Once the design has been finalized, the tooling typically arrives at Atlantex within 5-10 days. Please allow 1-2 days for dispatch of printed sleeving.

Printing Examples:

Line Identification


Private Branding


Regulatory Printing

Atlantex Regulatory Printing

Reorder Information

Reorder Information

Layline Printing/High Contrast


Regulatory Printing


Additional Questions? Give us a call at (610) 518-6601, or email us at