The importance of hydraulic hose safety in industrial settings is extremely critical. We strive to increase personnel protection levels in our industry, and as a manufacturer we understand how important safety is. When we send each customer a product of ours, we make sure that it will work to its full potential under hazardous conditions such as extreme heat, flame, and abrasion.

Recently, Atlantex Manufacturing Corporation was asked to provide a solution for a line identification application. The end-user had been experiencing issues in which operators were mixing up two similar lines, resulting in improper hose installation and instances of costly downtime. Atlantex was able to provide a simple and low-cost, yet highly effective, identification solution by color-coding and printing system identifiers directly onto the “supply” and “return” hoses.

Atlantex offers custom printing services for private brand development and/or line identification. This value-added service increases operator awareness, reduces the likelihood of operator harm, preserves uptime and production efficiency, and can help to promote brand awareness in your target marketplace- all while protecting your system and prolonging the service life of costly assemblies.

Color-coding systems has become increasingly prevalent in many industries. In certain industries and applications, Natural Gas lines can be signified by a Yellow color, high-voltage wires are colored Safety Orange, and hot steam lines are a bright Red color. Colored firesleeve products can also be used to promote your brand’s colors and give finished assemblies a unique and attractive finish.

Call us today for more information regarding custom colors and sleeve printing for your line identification application!

FIRST: Lower surface temperature
SECOND: Color-Code HOT lines*
THIRD: Print system information
-10 RIO
-15 Safety Orange
-20 Aluminized
-30 Black
-50 Yellow
-60 Blue
-70 Red
-80 Green

*Atlantex recommends choosing colors such as Red or Orange for HOT lines

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