Para-Text Knit Kevlar ® Roller Covers

Atlantex Manufacturing, your trusted source for high-performing technical textiles, is pleased to announce additional production capacity for our Para-Text K Knit Kevlar® protective sleeving. We have also bolstered our capacity for the production of both standard and custom-engineered Para-Text K Roller Covers.

DSC_0127Para-Text K Roller Covers are manufactured using a tight knit construction to produce seamless, one-piece protective tubes, ideal for use in the glass and metal processing industries. By utilizing the highest quality Kevlar® yarns, Atlantex is able to manufacture durable, long-lasting, high-performance roller covers which are fully customizable to best suit virtually any application. The soft surface of Para-Text K Roller Covers will not mar, scratch, or damage delicate surfaces, and provides worry-free handling of sensitive parts.

Para-Text Roller Covers are extremely resistant to abrasion and cut-through hazards, and demonstrate exceptional thermal stability in extreme temperatures. These impressive physical characteristics make Para-Text K an ideal roller cover choice in glass production, where sharp edges can cause cutting and tearing failures, and in aluminum extrusion applications where high temperatures demand the use of performance textiles. Para-Text K has a uniform wall thickness and excellent flexibility, so it is able to conform to a roller’s shape, providing a smooth roller surface. Atlantex has been producing customized roller covers for many years, and has collaborated with advanced automotive glass manufacturers to provide consistent and long-lasting roller cover solutions. In addition to roller cover applications, Para-Text K is also commonly used as a protective sheath over cooling racks, which experience sustained high temperatures, yet need to protect finished parts from damage such as marring, scratching, denting, etc. Spacer bars, guide rollers, runout rollers, quench rollers, and conveying rollers, just to name a few applications, can all benefit from Para-Text K.

DSC_0128By manufacturing our textiles in-house, Atlantex is able to provide high-quality, tailor-made solutions with a short turnaround time. Since Atlantex Manufacturing produces Para-Text K directly, we have unmatched levels of process and quality control, a wide breadth of production capabilities, the capacity to handle large-scale projects, and unbeatable customer service and support. As applications become more demanding, Atlantex is always ready and available to provide innovative and effective system protection solutions.

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