Your customers have concerns about the safety and performance of their industrial hoses. Our friendly staff, at Atlantex, has 50 years experience listening to customers in a range of industries.

We learned a long time ago the best way to serve customers is to be small enough to listen but big enough to respond — “A One Stop Shop.”

The process begins with a phone call. Our experts know what questions to ask about the customers processes and applications. We treat our customers like family — understanding the problems that keep them awake at night.

There is a correct way to research and determine the right solution. It is what we know and what our customers expect. Our in-house engineering team has custom designed our machines to make sure customers experience and total and reliable solution all under one roof.

After the design is complete, our production team takes pride in completing the order in a timely manner, regardless of the quantity required. Meeting customer demands for color, printing, cutting is not a challenge when you have been processing custom orders for decades.

If our clients need a more standard solution, Atlantex is able to process orders quickly by pulling from extensive inventory and ship it out immediately. Speaking of shipping, we deliver solutions to any customer in any corner of the world.

If you have any system in a hazardous environment, Atlantex has you covered. Call us today and discover that Atlantex is small enough to listen but big enough to respond — “Truly the One Stop Shop”.