Thermal hazards manifest themselves in many different forms- molten splash, direct flame, high ambient temperature, high surface temperatures, and radiant heat sources- to name a few. Atlantex Manufacturing offers a variety of thermal protective products to suit your individual application and protection needs.

To protect lines from molten splash and direct flame impingement, Atlantex recommends the use of Pyrotex Firesleeve- available in both Industrial Knit and Aerospace-grade Braid constructions. By coating highly-texturized E-glass substrates in our proprietary Silicone polymer, Pyrotex Firesleeve allows lines to withstand molten metal splash and direct flame contact. Upon contact with direct flame, the fire-resistant Silicone coating will not melt, burn, or support combustion, but instead forms a self-extinguishing refractory SiO2 “char” layer. Molten materials, such a glass, steel, and aluminum, cannot adhere to the surface of Pyrotex Firesleeve, and instead bead up on the sleeve surfacVysokePece1e and run off before thermal transmission can occur. Pyrotex Firesleeves and tapes reduce energy consumption by maintaining internal line temperature and can drastically reduce the surface temperature of hot lines to protect your most valued assets- personnel. Firesleeve products are commonly used in industrial, automotive, equipment, and appliance applications.

In high-temperature applications which do not present direct flame or molten splash hazards, Pyrotherm sleeving products will provide economical system protection. Pyrotherm HW, LW, and HS sleeving provide thermal protection and line insulation in applications with continuous operating temperatures of 1000°F. Pyrotherm HW and LW are manufactured with high-bulk E-Glass which has been tightly braided to provide 100% system coverage with excellent thermal & chemical resistivity, in a lightweight, flexible, expandable, and economical protection sleeve. Pyrotherm products can also be used a primary layer of insulation beneath Pyrotex Firesleeve to increase insulation values to reduce heat loss and provide additional system and personnel protection. If direct flame or molten splash hazards are not present in your application, Pyrotherm sleeving may be an opportunity to reduce cost and maintain effective levels of insulation and protection.

We would be happy to discuss your unique application, so please feel free to contact the Atlantex team.

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