Blue Spiral GuardWhat is Spiral Guard Wrap?

Spiral Guard Wrap is a protective spiral manufactured from durable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) designed to protect hoses, wires, and other assemblies from mechanical and environmental hazards. HDPE Spiral Guard Wrap protects lines against external abrasion, cutting, and crushing hazards which may damage assemblies and result in costly downtime and replacement parts. With its outstanding resistance to temperature extremes, UV impingement, and weathering, Spiral Guard Wrap is ideal for continuous use in even the harshest outdoor environments. Spiral Guard Wrap is also perfect for equipment and trucking applications, because the long-wearing polymer construction is resistant to common automotive fluids, hydraulic oils, industrial solvents, salt spray, and debris.

Unlike lesser-quality slit-tube wraps available from many suppliers, genuine Atlantex Spiral Guard Wrap is manufactured with a specially-developed process to feature non-abrasive, rounded edges that will not damage components or cut fingers during installation. Since Spiral Guard Wrap is initially formed into the spiral shape, it features excellent flexibility and readily recovers from stretching and expansion. Spiral Guard Wrap’s unique processing allows for a smooth, even, and attractive finished product that does not have unsightly tooling and cutting marks as seen on lesser-quality slit-tube spirals.

675px-Harvester_hrUsing only high-grade High Density Polyethylene, Spiral Guard Wrap is manufactured with value and longevity in mind. The high quality construction and diligent commitment to finished product conformity creates a long-lasting and extremely durable protective spiral which can be removed, wiped off, and reused many times- providing end users with unprecedented and unbeatable value. Spiral Guard Wrap’s versatile design allows a single wrap to cover a range of hose sizes, and the ability to install and remove quickly in the field ensures that your process has proven to be a valuable attribute when facing situations involving costly downtime. Available in sizes ranging from 3/8” up to 5-1/2”, Spiral Guard Wrap provides quick, easy, and reliable coverage for a single wire, a large bundle of hoses, and everything in between. As supplied, Spiral Guard Wrap is 100% Polyethylene and is 100% recyclable.


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