braided-88021_640“How do I know what size Fire Sleeve to order?”

We hear this question often which is why we are here to help you when selecting the proper size sleeve! Every order that leaves our building we are determined to make sure that you will receive a product that will best fit your application needs.

But, sometimes it can happen where the wrong size sleeving is ordered. To avoid problems like this, we want to provide you with a little information to help you better understand what size hose sleeving you should order.

Hose DiameterWhen ordering fire sleeve from Atlantex, you must take two things into consideration:

1.) Hose Outside Diameter (O.D.)

2.) Hose Inside Diameter (I.D.)

In order to select the proper size sleeving, it is important to measure the inside and outside diameters as well as the length of the hose. This can be measured by using a caliper.

Atlantex uses a Dash Number/Size to determine the measurement of the inside diameter (I.D.) of a hose, which is universally used in the industry today. Just like hydraulic and fuel lines hoses have dash sizes associated with them, so does Fire Sleeve.

Please view below, Atlantex’s ID measurements in inches (in) and millimeters (mm) as well as the dash size that is corresponded.

Remember: To get the correct measurement of the inside diameter, you must measure the outside diameter. When measuring the outside diameter, you must take into the account the wall thickness of the hose, which will determine the size of the inside diameter. For example, depending on the size of the hose it could have a wall thickness of 1/8″ or 3/16″.

ID (in) Dash Size ID (mm)
1/4″ -4 6mm
5/16″ -5 8 mm
3/8″ -6 10mm
1/2″ -8 13mm
5/8″ -10 16mm
3/4″ -12 19mm
7/8″ -14 22mm
1″ -16 25mm
1-1/8″ -18 29mm
1-1/4″ -20 32mm
1-3/8″ -22 35mm
1-1/2″ -24 38mm
1-5/8″ -26 41mm
1-3/4″ -28 44mm
1-7/8″ -30 48mm
2″ -32 51mm
2-1/4″ -36 57mm
2-3/8″ -38 60mm
2-1/2″ -40 64mm
2-5/8″ -42 67mm
2-3/4″ -44 70mm
2-7/8″ -46 73mm
3″ -48 76mm
3-1/4″ -52 83mm
3-1/2″ -56 89mm
3-3/4″ -60 95mm
4″ -64 102mm
4-1/2″ -72 114mm
5″ -80 127mm
6″ -96 152mm

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