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Pyrotherm & Pyrotex Double Layer Firesleeve Installation Tutorial

Pyrotherm & Pyrotex Double Layer Firesleeve Installation Tutorial STEP 1 : REQUIRED TOOLS Pyrotherm HW Sleeving Pyrotex Firesleeve Pyrotex SA Tape Electrical Tape Scissors Hose Assembly STEP 2 : SLEEVE ASSEMBLY WITH PYROTHERM HW HEAVYWALL Slide Pyrotherm HW over one end of hose assembly and along the hose length until sleeve end reaches the opposite hose

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New for Fall: Pyrotex Zipper Closure Firesleeve

New for Fall: Pyrotex ZIP – Zipper Closure Firesleeve Pyrotex ZIP Firesleeve provides the time-tested value of standard, seamless Pyrotex SG Firesleeve in an easy-to-install sleeve solution which can be installed without the need to disconnect existing lines. Pyrotex ZIP is fabricated from either Pyrotex Industrial Knit or Pyrotex Aerospace-grade Braid Firesleeve, expertly stitched with

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Letter from Our President

Letter from Our President May 2016 It is with deep appreciation that I writes these few lines to express our thanks for your past and future support of Atlantex Manufacturing Corporation. For almost 25 years, it has been our pleasure to provide you with our very best. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver

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